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Broken Garage Door Springs

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Probably the most common cause of garage door problems is broken garage door springs. Sometimes you might hear the loud crack of one of them breaking. If this has happened to you, it is important to give the team here at Bay Area Overhead Door Co. a call and we will quickly repair it for you.

How to Tell if I Have Broken Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are under tremendous pressure and can cause quite the racket when one breaks. Other times, you have no idea until you go to open your door and it only opens halfway before going back down. This is because the one remaining good spring cannot handle the weight of the garage all by itself so it goes back down.

Another common sign of a broken spring is that you can look at your springs and see the break. Torsion springs are located on the inside of your garage directly above your garage door on a pipe spanning the width of your door. On a double door, there are two springs and you can easily see where one has broken and the other is intact.

Garage Doors with Wayne Dalton Torquemaster System

Some garage doors come with springs that are not visible. These particular ones, made by Wayne Dalton, are inside of a tube. The only way to tell if these ones are broken is if your door gets stuck in the up position

What to Do if You Have Broken Springs

If you find yourself with one broken spring and you need to open your garage door, you can carefully help push the door open in conjunction with the opener. You can act as the strength of the other spring and open your door and the other spring should safely hold your door in place. This is a good temporary option if you need to get your car out of the garage but make sure to call us and schedule an appointment because this is not a safe way to operate your door.

If you only have one spring as is common on single doors, then your approach will be much different. Often, when the spring breaks, it will pop the cables off the drums, making it impossible to open your door. However, if yours are still intact, you can get the aid of a few people to help you lift the 300-pound door; once it is open, place a strong vice grip on the track to make sure the door doesn’t come crashing down on someone.

Why Can’t I Just Fix the Springs Myself?

Replacing torsion springs can be quite tricky and present a safety hazard. After installation of new springs, they will need to be wound up and could easily pop free, causing severe injuries to whatever body part is in the way. They also require special equipment and knowledge to replace and that is why we strongly recommend having a professional replace them for you.

Let Us Safely Replace Your Springs

It doesn’t matter what time it is, if you have broken garage door springs, give us a call and we will be out to you as soon as possible. Let the team at Bay Area Overhead Door Co. safely and expertly fix your springs. Give us a call today!

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