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Bent Garage Door Tracks

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You are working in your garage and something heavy smacks into your tracks and now you have bent garage door tracks. Don’t panic, we have all been there before! Bay Area Overhead Door Co. is happy to help you out and fix your tracks.

Replacing Bent Garage Door Tracks

The tracks of your garage door run up on either side of the door and then curve up just below the ceiling, stopping at the opener. The tracks are a vital piece of your system and allow the door to operate just as a train needs tracks to move. Sometimes, these tracks can get bent as you are working in your garage or if you accidentally run into your door with your car.

You can inspect your tracks and if you find that they are bent, grab a pair of pliers and gently bend them back into place. You can also use a hammer to bend them back into shape. If your tracks are severely twisted or cracked, you will need to give us a call to replace them for you.

Why Can’t I Replace Them Myself?

Replacing parts of your tracks is a time consuming and risky task. Our repair team has not only been trained to replace tracks but they also have the proper equipment to keep your door safe as they do the repair. We often hear of injuries that are the result of people trying to replace their own tracks and that is why we are more than happy to do the repair for you.

I Don’t See Any Bends, How Do I Know It’s My Tracks

Sometimes, you can visually inspect your track and not find any bent parts. If your garage door gets stuck while operating or if the rollers keep popping off your tracks, it can be a symptom of something else but generally, that is a good indication you have bent tracks. If your door has come off the tracks, make sure you don’t try to do anything and call us right away so we can tell you what to do.

How To Take Care of Your Garage Door Tracks

We recommend inspection and maintenance of your tracks about once a year. First, take a wet rag and wipe out your tracks. If there is hard to reach dirt, you can also use a vacuum to clean them out.

Make sure you scrub off any grime build up to ensure your rollers are gliding freely along the tracks. Do not lubricate your tracks as this can cause your rollers to pop off the track. During the cleaning process, inspect the tracks for any bends or cracks.

Let Us Safely Replace Your Tracks

If you find that you need part or all of your bent garage door tracks replaced, then give us a call. We would love to come out and safely do the work for you. For expert track repair, give Bay Area Overhead Door Co. a call today!

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